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Higher Education Advocate:
Visionary Leadership & Community Engagement

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As a college professor, I have always felt it was my duty to be self-conscious in my classroom, when I spoke to my students, and when I advised or modeled rhetorical discourse in my community. My writing process, my struggle to think critically, as well as my academic successes (and failures) serve as an example to my students, my colleagues, and my community.


In 2015, I completed an MA in Women's Studies with research focused on academic programming and collaborative, community outreach. In spring of 2018, I joined MIT's Sloan School of Management Executive Program in Business Process Design for Strategic Managemen. During summer 2018, I was accepted into the "Becoming a Provost Academy," cosponsored by American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI).


Twitter? Facebook? Other forms of social media and the ways in which these new innovations are constantly (re)shaping our teaching practices, beliefs, and conditions (which *always* become our students' learning conditions) fascinate me. Integrating meaningful opportunities for new technologies in the classroom -- and training instructors to use these technologies -- is crucial to my work.


I love to travel, I live to teach, and I enjoy reading and writing more than almost anything else. Creating opportunities to share these adventures and opportunities for professional development with my colleagues and my students? Well, that's even better. My family believes in the importance of arts education, literacy, and establishing accessible family services in the places where we live, love, and work. Today, we're proud to say that's southern Colorado.


In 2013, I was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor of English at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Until fall of 2016, I served as the university/s Director of Writing, a position I held since 2008. As of October 2015, I transitioned away from daily life in a classroom when a $2.7 million Title V HSI grant I authored for CSU-Pueblo was fully funded by the DoE. Central to this grant was the creation of a new Center for Teaching & Learning -- a space where innovative teaching, cutting-edge pedagogies, and new initiatives for our most at-risk students could find support. In May 2018, I moved into a new role -- leading CSU-Pueblo's #VISION2028 Initiative as the Special Assistant to the President.

Colorado, 2017